• Back Bay Beats

    Food and music share center stage

    Back Bay Beats, or “B3”, is a collaboration between Boston’s top restaurateur and the world-renowned Berklee College of Music. This unique partnership offers an opportunity to listen to future Grammy winners while enjoying modern Southern cuisine. To break down the over 4,000-square-foot space into more intimate experiences, Back Bay Beats takes visitors through a series of sensory experiences that draw inspiration from the landscape of American cuisine and music. Walking in from bustling Massachusetts Avenue, the lively “Alley” bar is an urban collage of fire escapes, pavement, streetlights and brick. The “Center Stage” connects the bar and dining room, where musicians and diners sit on the same floor, creating an intimate and immediate connection between performer and listener. The “House” dining room envelops diners in a warm patina of plaster, lath and weathered wood. The most intimate of spaces, the “Backstage” private dining room recalls the experience of opening a time-worn case to reveal a cherished instrument enveloped in rich velvet.

    Boston, MA

    Photography:  Gustav Hoiland / Flagship Photography