• Churn2 Ice Cream

    Gourmet experience in a shipping container

    Food truck culture is booming in many U.S. cities, allowing entrepreneurs to go to market without the costs of a typical restaurant space, and giving consumers the opportunity to taste new cuisines. However, two important things have gone missing in this revolution: a focus on sustainability (food trucks burn a lot of fuel), and the ability to provide customers with a place-based experience. Analogue Studio was hired by HML Hospitality to create a made-to-order ice cream shop that tackles both of these challenges. Working on every aspect of the design, from identity and branding to uniforms and packaging, we developed the concept for Churn2: a modern ice cream lab housed in a modified shipping container. The shipping container is large enough for customers to walk inside and see their confections being made, but it is also designed so that it can be packed up and moved to a different location if need be. This gives Churn2 the service model and flexibility it desires, while minimizing the shop’s environmental impact.

    Cambridge, MA