• Healthworks – Coolidge Corner

    Renewed community for women’s fitness

    As part of an ongoing collaboration between our companies, Healthworks Group asked Analogue Studio to solve two stubborn challenges that emerged during the renovation of their Coolidge Corner location: how to refresh the brand without radically changing it, and how to bring privacy to their new street-level fitness studio without losing natural light. On the first task, Analogue Studio worked with Healthworks to translate their mission into a series of compelling but cost-effective environmental graphics. Most notable is a statement on the power of women and community, which visitors absorb as they climb the fitness center’s main stairway. For the fitness studio, Analogue Studio devised an elegant system of cable-supported acrylic panels with translucent photography that afford privacy while also allowing natural light to pass into the studio and generating curiosity among passersby.

    Brookline, MA