• MADE@ MassChallenge

    A makerspace to support startups in MassChallenge accelerator

    MADE@MassChallenge was born from the observation that many startups in MassChallenge’s accelerator program lacked the necessary resources to build, test, and validate their hardware concepts. Given our ongoing partnership with MassChallenge, Analogue Studio was happy to jump in and help solve this challenge so that the accelerator could continue to attract and nurture the brightest startups. Partnering with Continuum Innovation and Lightspeed Manufacturing for their expertise in product engineering, Analogue Studio created a 5,000-square-foot makerspace equipped with the software and fabrication equipment needed to rapidly design, prototype, and fabricate everything from vacuum moulds to circuit boards. To ensure the R&D lab maintains a strong connection with MassChallenge, Analogue Studio also developed a new logo that aligns with the accelerator’s brand elements.

    Boston, MA