• MIT Stratton Reading Room

    In response to evolving pedagogies requiring more group study spaces throughout the campus, MIT sought to renovate a much beloved reading room for the first time in over 30 years to include seven new group study rooms while retaining the existing capacity for individual study. Losing 30% of the space to group study and maintaining capacity required that the individual study space become more efficient, flexible, and compact. Additionally, any modifications to such a critical space required extensive reviews with staff, administration, students, and alumni over the course of a year spent in design. Ultimately, the convertible carrel provided an innovative solution to comfortably accommodate a higher density during peak times and allowed the addition of a group study and lounge area to respond to the new needs of a dynamic student body.

    Cambridge, MA

    Architect: Signer Harris Architects
    Project Architect: Vince Pan AIA, LEED AP
    Photography: Bruce Martin and Avigail Milder