• Night Market

    A slice of Asian street food in Cambridge, MA

    As an interdisciplinary studio, it is very exciting when clients come to us with just the kernel of an idea, and ask us to leverage all of our design tools to help bring that spark to life. This was the case with the Duck & Chicken Restaurant Group, which approached Analogue Studio with the goal of creating an Asian street food experience in a Harvard Square basement. Through an extensive process of identity, brand, and design development, we crafted the name, tone, and aesthetic that form the foundation of Night Market. To program the restaurant, we deconstructed every element of the experience, from the look and feel of the menu, to how food is ordered, to how guests and servers move through the space. We tested several concepts to understand how to best to capture the speed, bustle, and imperfection of a street food stall, while still providing a welcoming environment for dining. The result is a lively but cohesive interpretation of an Asian street food market, complete with graffitied walls, mismatched furniture, and other design elements that transform the Night Market into an outdoor alleyway. Night Market is a consistent favorite The Boston Globe, Eater, and Yelp.

    Cambridge, MA