• NUIG Research Library

    Conceived to provide cutting edge resources for graduate level research, the Hardiman Graduate Research Library at the National University of Ireland, Galway, is one of a handful of projects that the country is building to foster the next generation of its intellectuals and leaders. Situated along the historic entry lawn of the campus, opposite the main gain to the university, and in front of the existing library, the project balances complex identity, circulation, and programmatic issues on a tightly constrained site. Using a worldwide benchmarking process, the architect and client were able to hone in on best-practice design features that would best suit the student body and the critical needs of the delicate archives. In its design, the new library serves as a beacon signaling a new era for the University in both academic and architectural innovation. An innovative twin skin glazing system provides expansive views into and out of the library while minimizing thermal gains and losses, while an underfloor air distribution system minimizes energy use and maximizes flexibility to adapt the space for future needs.

    Galway, Ireland

    Design Architect: Payette Associates, Inc.
    Architect of Record: Anthony Reddy Associates, Inc.
    Project Architect \ Payette: Vince Pan AIA, LEED AP