• Raizlabs

    HQ 2.0 for a leading app developer

    As a pioneering developer of software and mobile apps for Fortune 500 companies, Raizlabs has experienced tremendous growth over the past five years. After working with Raizlabs to design its previous Boston offices, Analogue Studio was asked to help the company move into an even larger space in Downtown Crossing, where it occupies an entire floor and houses more than two hundred employees. We were able to translate some of our original design work to the new offices, including a striking “icon wall” of apps developed by Raizlabs. With a larger floor plan at our disposal, we focused on designing a new cafeteria to serve as a communal hub, and brought greater flexibility to employee work stations with sit-stand desks. Remarkably, Analogue Studio and Raizlabs achieved much of the new programming with Ikea furniture — a feat that would have been very daunting without close collaboration between our teams.

    Boston, MA