• Republic Fitness

    Fully integrated launch of premier fitness brand

    Healthworks Group asked Analogue Studio to develop a completely new entrant to Boston’s fitness marketplace. The goal? Create a brand that would allow Healthworks to compete in the luxury, coed fitness segment. After a rigorous strategy process that included in-depth exploration of four different brand concepts, the team arrived at Republic Fitness. Under a very tight timeline, Analogue Studio created a whole world around the brand, driven by the principles of industry, warmth, luxury, and community. This world comes to life through the interior design of the facility, the environmental graphics, the membership materials, and even the swag. To ensure a cohesive launch for Republic Fitness, we also designed its website, sniping posters, and advertising campaign. Every indication is that the strategy is a success, and that Republic Fitness taps into a market segment that was eager for a new experience in fitness.

    Boston, MA