• The Grommet

    New offices for champions of citizen commerce

    “Grommets are products with a purpose invented by people with stories.” This is the mantra that guided our workplace design for The Grommet, a pioneering e-commerce company that champions underrepresented product designers. To outfit a warehouse space that dates back to 1900, Analogue Studio partnered with local vendors to procure hand-crafted items as well as salvaged architectural components evocative of the Industrial Era. This approach reflects The Grommet’s embrace of both historic and emerging methods of product design. At the heart of the space we designed a large, multipurpose video lounge, where each day the team films a short video featuring a new product and its backstory. The lounge also serves as a place for team members to gather, relax, and work throughout the balance of the day. In many ways, The Grommet’s headquarters is itself a grommet: A space crafted with care, where each detail evokes the stories of a unique maker community.

    Somerville, MA