• Workbar Cambridge

    Coworking for coders, creators, and community-seekers

    After establishing a name for itself in Boston with its first coworking space, Workbar turned to Analogue Studio to develop a more comprehensive strategy for its Cambridge location — and all the locations to follow. Harnessing our full capabilities across architectural, interior, graphic, and digital design, we worked closely with Workbar’s founders to think through every aspect of the brand and the community they wanted to build. With growth beyond a second location on the team’s mind, we focused on designing the Cambridge space with distinct work environments. The Cafe, Commons, Switchboard, and Study areas each support a different style of work, but share common elements of warmth and personality. Their modularity allows us to “export” and rearrange these environments in future Workbar locations. We also leveraged the Cambridge location to establish a furniture and finishes program that can adapt to the dynamic needs of coworking. To give voice to the Workbar community, we deployed environmental graphics that engage members with a witty tone as they move through the space, and placed live digital stations in common areas so that members can see upcoming events, who is on-site, etc. With the success of the Cambridge project, Workbar has opened 5 more locations (and counting), and our companies have forged a design and strategy partnership that continues to this day.

    Cambridge, MA